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Keith Anderson

    We have had several repair issues over the past three years or so with one or the other of our two heat pumps. One is a 4-ton, the other a 3-ton and both are original about 15 years old. They always go at the hottest time when things get miserable fast. I met Jose from TANK Air and Heat through a friend at church. I told him the issues and he suggested that I have him run some diagnostics and consider setting up a regularly scheduled maintenance program. That was I can always have it running at peak efficiency and spot potential problems before they become real and shut us down at the worse time. So, we did.

    Neat thing about the maintenance plan is that he comes during the slow time of year and normal hours, so you don’t run into those added charges we’ve had before when you drag the AC guy out of bed at 11 PM on a weekend. We feel a lot more comfortable about our units, less worry. And I think he’s right in that at least some of his rates, which are quite reasonable, are offset by lower electric bill because the units don’t seem to run as long now to get the same amount of cooling. Thanks Jose. I recommend TANK AC and heat. Good people.

Robert Barron

    A short time ago, we were in a cool spell. We invited a large group of friends over the next week. The day before they were all to come the cool weather abruptly ended and we hit upper 80’s. My wife called me at work complaining how hot she was getting preparing food and that when she checked the thermostat, it was a humid 84 in the house and warm air was blowing, with the A/C indicating on. Naturally. It never fails. When you don’t really need it, everything’s fine.

    I frantically look for the name a friend had given me who swore by this Tank A/C service. Odd name for an A/C company but my friend told me he’s ex military, like us. So, I called. He was there when I got home from work less than 2 hours later.

    Turns out it was fairly minor but signaled a real problem had we continued to try to operate it. I reached this A/C company and they called my wife to have her test a few things then told her to shut it off right away and he’d come. He explained everything to us and I think I now know more than I ever had about how these things work. He fixed the problem on site, one trip, and everything was great for the party, and I was very pleased with the total bill. I would recommend TANK Air and Heat to anyone. 

Betty Tanner

    We recently had a problem with our heat pump. Not the first. We tried this other company we had just heard about, TANK. We really liked the fact that they came fairly quickly and when they said they would. I like to be able to predict things and we don’t like surprised. What really impressed me was how thorough the technician was and how he invited me to come out and observe what he was doing. He explained stuff in layman's terms that I understood. The charges were quite reasonable and I liked how he didn’t seem to have to think or guess what things cost. We’d have them back and recommend them.

Stephen George

    We bought our home about 8 years ago and the A/C unit was original, making it about 21 years old now. About 4 years ago, we started having problems. We had two different companies repair it since a total of 3 times. Each repair bill was over $200, one was over $400. A friend told us about his good experience with TANK Air and heat, so when things failed this time, I gave them a ring.

    I was very impressed with their Tech. he explained the problem as no one prior had done… in such detail. And, he gave us options. Could he repair it? Yes. But, he told us that, given the age and the fact it was already past normal life expectancy for Florida climate, we would be throwing good money after bad and just shoving off the inevitable. When we told him, what was done before the last $400 repair, he said that we should’ve NOT repaired that problem at that time but that it was an excellent opportunity to get a new one and put the $400 into that and he wouldn’t be talking to me today. We agreed, and he showed us a number of alternative models and manufacturers and gave us his best recommendation for what we needed and our budget. We’ve been very happy with the purchase and the professional way they installed it. My wife loved how quickly it was done and with no mess. Thanks TANK. We recommend you. 

Bridget Hernandez

    A short while back, my husband had to leave town on business while I made plans to house and entertain old friends from college. The weather took a bad turn with unseasonably cold temperatures. Time to switch the thermostat from cool to heat.  
I awoke in the morning quite cold. Checking, the inside air temp had fallen to 64. It was “on” heat but it wasn’t happening. I quickly tried reaching my husband, but he was in meetings. Frantic, I called two friends for advice on who to get. The first was no help, not having had any issues. The second told me they had good luck with this company called TANK. She gave me their number. The technician was very friendly and helpful. He carefully told me a series of things to do and report back while he waited on the phone.
   Once completed, he took all my information and said he could be out within 90 minutes to an hour. He did.
   After checking things over he came in to brief me. It was too cold for me to go out with him as he had suggested and I needed the warmth of the kitchen as I started my baking. He had run thorough, what he called diagnostics or such and since I really didn’t understand any of it, he asked to speak with my husband. Fortunately, he was out of his meeting and took the call.
   After the tech carefully explained the various issues he gave my husband a quote and said he had already called suppliers and verified that they had the parts locally in stock and he could get them and return within hours to complete the repair. My husband gave him the go ahead and I personally was thrilled. My friends were due in about suppertime that evening.
   True to his word, the Tech left and called later to verify I was home and returned with all the parts in less than 2 hours. Within an hour after that, warm air was blowing and by roughly 4 that day, we were a comfortable 75. Needless to say, we had a great visit. Thanks TANK.

Patrick Smith

    One of our A-C units (we have two) quit a while back. We didn’t know what was going on. It hadn’t been that long since something similar happened. It was set to cool but all of a sudden instead of the thermometer reading the actual temp and the setting, we only could see the temp. I was a bit ticked because, like I said, I don’t think it had been 2 months since a similar event with the same unit. So, I wasn’t crazy about calling out the same people.

    This nice fellow Jose’ had come to our door a few weeks prior, introduced himself and told us a bit about his company and left us a card. I was going to throw it away because we had just had it repaired but my wife said to keep it, just in case, so I did. Fortunately. So, I called him at this Tank A/C and heating company. He was out the next day and had me come out, as I was off that day, to show me the insides of my unit and what he found. It seems it was the same thing as last time which he said was unusual and caused him to check further. Apparently, at some point, the wrong size capacitor I think he said had been changed out and it was inadequate and took this other part out which could lead to a bigger, really costly problem. But, he got it in time, put the right parts in, and then performed what he called a thorough diagnostic on it. He had over 100, maybe 150 points that he checked. And doing so he found 4 other issues that were minor at the time, but unless taken care of would lead to another breakdown and higher costs. They weren’t that much and it made sense, sense so we changed them out. The unit works great. He suggested setting us a routine maintenance program for both units to stay on top of things. Since they’re both over 10 years old, and with the heavy demand on them being in Florida, we agreed. We’ve been very happy with our new relationship with Tank.

Ronald Toledo

    My wife and kids have developed over the years it seems more and more allergies. I fortunately don’t have any, but I sure feel sorry for them. I noticed too that several fellow employees where I work seem to always be suffering. They think a lot has to do with the quality of the air in our building. We can’t open windows and ever “air out” the place so we just keep recycling the same stuff. I hate that when someone comes in sick because their kid brought something home from school. It just goes around, probably blown to everyone with a heating/cooling system.

    I heard some people talking about this at my coffee shop a few months back and how this guy has a heating and air conditioning company and helped them resolve some of the same problems in their family. I asked for his name and number and got in touch with Jose’ with TANK Air and Heat company. 

    He came out and checked our place over and looked at our system thoroughly, including the filters and ducts, and various equipment. He had us look with him and pointed out several issues, especially all the caked on fuzzy dirt and stuff. It was on coils, fan blades, motors, and our filters were not only poor but clogged.

    He did a complete “fix” I guess you’d call it and we have noticed a difference in air quality. My wife doesn’t have to dust as often, and they seem to have fewer allergy related issues. I recommend TANK and so does my wife. 

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