TANK AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING takes the "guesswork" out of the service business.

We do this by utilizing a 52-Point Checklist whenever we conduct diagnostic tests.

As problems are detected, using our extensive knowledge and experience, we prioritize them as to how they most impact the overall performance of your system.

Our trained technician educates you...

The consumer, as to the nature of each problem. He explains its impact upon your system’s performance. He will explain why the problem should be addressed at that time. And, if there is any misunderstanding or money issue, he will also explain what might occur, and how soon, if critical issues are NOT be promptly addressed. 

The technician will then provide you...

With the price for performing each repair. Here again, this will NOT involve guesswork or “making things up on the fly”. We have carefully prepared a Pricing Manual that enables each technician to accurately and fairly price all the detailed aspects of your individual work order. 


And consumers LOVE it. As a result, we have no problem providing written quotes, or emailing them, as pricing won’t vary from technician to technician. Just as when you change cars you expect a 60 on either Speedometer to mean the same speed, it’s comforting to know that your pricing is also standardized and free of surprises.

And finally, just as with our installations:

  • Every job is photographed, BEFORE and AFTER
  • Every technician cleans his work site prior to departure
  • We repair all brands