Appreciates both the cost and importance of your investment in your HVAC system.

As you know, like any technical equipment, be it your vehicle or computer, they work great…when they work. But it’s near panic and extremely disruptive to your plans and your life when they don’t. You also know, as a general rule, they seem to pick the worse possible time to fail you. 

When it comes to your equipment...

Such as your car, truck, or van, to help minimize the risk of unexpected, ill-timed failure, you routinely schedule certain basic maintenance, such as an oil change. After all, your engine is a highly tuned, beautifully engineered piece of equipment costing many thousands of dollars, so it only makes sense to drop a few bucks into an oil change every 5,000 miles to keep it in great shape, right? 

The same thing applies to your HVAC system.

Often, small things start to “go wrong” or fail. Maybe a fan motor. Not an expensive part but one used many hours of every day. And, if it fails, and its failure isn’t quickly detected and addressed, it can cause major failures and thousands in repairs. 

Experience has shown, year in and year out, that the best way to extend the life of your expensive HVAC equipment, with the least disruption to your dally routine, and the least damage to your wallet, is to take advantage of a Routine Maintenance Program, like one of several offered by us at TANK A/C and HEATING. 

We offer three basic programs:

  1. An entry-level, basic Maintenance Program that is highly affordable
  2. A Mid-level Maintenance Program that goes beyond the service level of the first
  3. The High-level Maintenance Program

 All come with our Satisfaction Guarantee 

Many home or business owners fail to consider the on-going benefits of paying for Maintenance, as opposed to Repairs. As previously mentioned, a Maintenance Program can often catch and repair a small, low-cost problem before it causes a much greater and costlier problem. Next: regular maintenance will almost always lead to your system performing more efficiently. The savings in electrical costs can offset the cost of the maintenance, while the maintenance improves dependability and extends equipment life. And don’t forget, Maintenance is performed during normal business hours. Repairs often require afterhours and weekend. 

Think about that.

Ask your TANK Sales person or Technician about which program is right for you. Either is an inexpensive way to purchase peace of mind.